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Professional and Volunteer Training



Leading in an organization takes a number of skill sets for volunteer and professional leaders alike.  Our fun, engaging workshops are not only a good experience, but leave the participants with tangible tactics they can begin to employ immediately.  A wide variety of topics are available that help your teams grow individually and togther.  No presentation is cookie cutter - we tailor every presentation to its participant group, and include follow up and next steps into every training opportunity. Let us craft a presentation uniquely for you.  


Some of the topics we offer include:

- Myers Briggs Type Indicator

- Conflict Managment

- The Language and Practice of Change

- Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

- The 5 Dysfunctions of Team

- Transformation Through Relational Practice

- Effective supervision and management

- Meetings that work

- Getting the most from volunteer and professional partnerships

Executive Coaching



Sometimes we all need more personal attention to help us navigate through challenges, growth, or change.  We all need accountability partners to keep us on the right track.  


Our Executive Coaching program helps you gain perspective so that you can consider the right questions and strategies as you move forward.  


We will both help you gain insight into achieving your vision, aid in identifying and eliminating what stands in your way, and provide tools and techniques for maximizing your potential and achieving success.











Fundraising can be an intimidating task for the most experienced of professionals and volunteer leaders alike.  Whether you are a beginner who needs fundraising basics, or a seasoned fundraiser wanting to learn something new, we work with you in a variety of capacities.  


Some of these include:

- Solicitation training, both for beginners and seasoned fundraisers

- Aiding in helping you craft your fundraising plan

- Accountability and organization as you implement your fundraising plan

- Help in crafting your case statement

- Coaching and follow up

Project Consultation



When you have big dreams but just need someone to help move you forward, we work with you to make big things happen.  Whether you're looking for a short term project with some translation of best thinking and best practices into something that works for your community, or a more long term project in which you build something new, we make sure that the project reflects the excellence you deserve.


Projects we work with include:

- Organizational structure redesign

- Building a leadership development program and curriculum

- Engaging the next generation

- Creating successful affinity groups

- Leadership and volunteer structure redesign

Strategic Planning and Governance



Strategic plans are only as effective as their implementation processes. Anyone can write a plan and have it decorate their office shelves.  Let us guide you through a process in which the plan reflects the corporate culture and holds the leadership accountable for timely implementation of the plan.


Strategic planning and effective governance go hand in hand, and organizational change is most useful with a strong Board of Directors.  We are ready and able to help you create a plan, and a Board, that works to its highest capacity and we build in follow up and accountability so that your dreams can become realities.

Retreat Facilitation



Good retreats accomplish tasks.  Very good retreats accomplish tasks and build in accountability.  Great retreats accomplish tasks, document accountability plans, and build relationships among the participants.  Let us build an inspirational and aspirational retreat experience that will not only yield tangible results and keep an eye toward implementation of your ideas, but which also emphasize the relational opportunity that lies within a retreat experience.


Learn something.  Do something.  Feel something.


Make the retreat worth your while, and let us help you figure out what you really want from the experience, working from an outcomes based model of retreat planning.

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